A simple and easy way to make long hair

For some people, hair grows quickly, but for others, it takes a long time to grow. Are there people who are upset because their hair is not growing fast? For those who are like that, if you want to grow your hair fast, you need to do some basic hair care.

But you can’t just do basic hair care methods. It is also necessary to apply a natural head oil. So, for those who want to have long hair, I would like to share how to make a pomade that will make your hair grow faster.

Here are some of the ingredients needed to make this pomade

Coconut oil (200 ml)
Olive oil (100 ml)
Almond oil (50 ml)
Castor oil (30 ml)
Red hibiscus flowers (5).
Gooseberry juice (30 ml)
Tamarind (20) leaves

How to do it
Grind hibiscus flowers and tamarind leaves and mix with other ingredients. Then add it to the pan and heat it for 10 minutes. After heating, cool and filter the liquid without lumps. Then a bottle, Put it in a bottle and store it. This hair oil should be applied regularly to grow long hair.