To make the body smell of perfume for a long time

Are you annoyed that the smell of perfume does not linger on the body for a long time and quickly disappears? If that’s the case, maybe the perfume is not applied properly. When we wear perfume, we want it to last all day.
The perfume bag is not in the right place, It can be said that because the perfume bottle is not in the right place, it doesn’t smell like perfume all day long. Now, let’s read on to find out how to make your perfume last longer…

Avoid using perfume and deodorant at the same time
If you’re wearing perfume to keep your body odor down, don’t use deodorant. If you use both, the perfume smell won’t stick around all day. The smell (2) is mixed and the nose may not have any fragrance. So use only one perfume.

Spray perfume on clothes too
You should spray a little perfume not only on your body but also on your clothes. So the scent of the perfume will last for a long time.

Do not spray perfume from a distance
Some people spray the perfume bottle a little distance away. Spraying perfume from a distance will not make the perfume smell long. You should put the perfume directly on your skin.

Don’t forget to cover your ears with perfume
Ears should also be covered with perfume. When putting perfume on your ears, instead of putting it behind your ear, spray it on the top of your ear so that the perfume will stick to your ear.

Do not place the perfume bottle in a damp place or in a place exposed to sunlight
To prevent the effect of your perfume from fading, do not place the perfume bottle in damp places or places exposed to sunlight. It should be kept at room temperature in your bedroom.

Apply perfume after shower
The best time to wear perfume is after showering. At that time, giving a perfume case will help the body to stick to the smell of perfume for a long time.

After putting perfume on your wrist, don’t rub it off
Do not rub your wrists together after putting perfume on your wrists. Doing so can make the perfume smell disappear quickly. Put perfume on your wrists and leave it like that.

Cover the pulse areas
wrist The neck and back of the knees where the pulse is the best places to wear a perfume. The smell of perfume will last for a long time.

You can also spray the wheels
Do not spray perfume directly on your hair. You should spray perfume only on the head wheels. The smell of the perfume in the headband will stick to your hair.